Small Business Health Insurance Plans & Group Options And How It Works

Health insurance for small business owners and their employees is available in various forms, ranging from individual health insurance plans to group options. Each option has its pros and cons, so it is essential to understand what each offers before choosing which plan you want to purchase. Choosing the right health insurance plan for your […]

Mid-Sized Business Employee Benefits Package Options

Today’s mid-sized business employees want the perks of a big company without the bureaucracy. They want to work for an agile company with dynamic leadership and offer modern benefits. These employees also want a variety of perks tailored to their individual needs. Instead of offering one standard employee benefits package, companies need to tailor their […]

What Is Employee Benefits Liability Coverage?

Employee benefits liability coverage, also known as EBL or E&O insurance, protects your business from the costs of claims related to employee benefits. Employee benefit plans are a common way for businesses to incentivize their employees to take action that is in the company’s best interests. These programs may include retirement savings plans, health and […]

Small business health insurance options

Small businesses have unique challenges in offering health insurance benefits for employees. Small businesses are more likely to have limited financial resources, less experienced human resource departments, and smaller pools of potential employees. In addition, the Affordable Care Act has specific requirements that impact small businesses. If you own a small business with 50 or […]

Are Employee Benefits Required By Law?

According to the extent of operations, various organizations have small-to-midsize employee benefits plans. However, many people are unsure whether these big or small business employee benefits plans are a legal priority. And if so, which ones? Well, to answer the question, yes. Some of these have been made a legal obligation for the employer by […]

Unique Employee Benefit Ideas To Attract The Best Talent

Employee benefits are a significant part of your company’s total compensation package. It’s essential to offer competitive benefits to attract and retain top talent. But how do you know which benefits are truly unique? If you’re looking for a way to attract the best talent, employee benefits are a great place to start. There are […]

Best Retirement Plans For Small Business Owners With Employees

If you are an entrepreneur with employees, you know it’s not easy to balance your personal life and business obligations. You might feel like you have no time or energy left over to think about retirement planning, but you have unique responsibilities and risks as an employer. For most small businesses, preparing for retirement is […]

Executive Benefits to Attract & Retain Key Talent

When employee retention is at its highest and competition for talent is fiercest, you need to go above and beyond to attract and retain key employees. Executive benefits are one way to show prospective employees how much their role and the company values them. In addition, executive benefits signal that your company places great value […]

Voluntary Benefits Insurance

Voluntary benefits insurance is an employee benefits plan that employees can opt into. This differs from standard employee benefits, which employees must participate in. Voluntary benefits insurance covers personal expenses as part of an employee benefits package. Employers can offer voluntary benefits when they want to incentivize specific behavior or give their employees something above […]

Types of Employee Benefits Insurance You Should Consider

There are no two ways about it: Employee benefits insurance can get complicated. From healthcare to retirement, taxes, and more, there are myriad benefits available to employees. Which one is right for you? Fortunately, plenty of resources can help you find the best employee benefits insurance plan for you. Several different types of employee benefits […]